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The Wallin Firm focuses on collecting large debts and judgments from debtors throughout California. We understand that collecting is extremely important to you. Please review our website to learn more about California’s collection tools, and our firm’s approach to collecting debts and enforcing judgments. Then give us a call to schedule a meeting to discuss your debt collection matter.

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Our firm’s approach to successful collections is as follows:

  1. Don’t talk, ACT quicklyWe believe in taking immediate action. Negotiation with thewling debtor has its place, but is far more effective after the debtor’s bank accounts have been levied, real property liened, wages garnished, etc. The time for talking is after pressure has been applied to the debtor. We not only act, we act quickly. Debtors rarely have only one creditor. The creditor who acts quickly is often rewarded. Our clients’ strengthen their positions by getting the earliest possible “place in line.”
  2. Be aggressive and apply constant pressureIt is difficult for a debtor to ignore a creditor who applies constant pressure. At the outset, we develop a detailed “Collection Plan and Calendar” for each collection matter, in which we carefully outline the specifics steps to be taken and the exact timing of such steps. The Plan is designed to apply steady pressure to the debtor. Debtors are often forced to relent to this persistence.
  3. Have Expertise. Collecting debts and enforcing judgments in California requires precision and well-planned timing. Accuracy and depth of knowledge is critical. Knowledge of timing issues is equally crucial. The timing of a particular collection step often determines the step’s success.
  4. Be persistent and patient. Every creditor is anxious to collect immediately. The most successful creditors understand the benefits of persistence and patience. Certain judgment collection steps prove their worth months or years in the future. Debtors who are currently struggling may have substantial assets in the future. Each collection step should be designed to maximize recovery both in the short and long term. Patience is critical. It is tempting for creditors to accept debtors’ initial low-ball settlement offers, even though often a much larger recovery is possible with additional time. Sometimes a creditor is most successful by taking several wise steps now, then waiting patiently for the steps to prove their worth.

Collecting Debt via Securing, Perfecting & Foreclosing on Patent Liens

Successful debt collection in California often hinges on whether the creditor obtains collateral for the debtor’s obligations.  Creditors can protect their interests by obtaining liens against debtors’ personal property and, if necessary, foreclosing the liens to take possession or force sales of the collateral.  One category of such personal property is patents held by the debtor company.  As with other intellectual property, the process for securing and foreclosing on patent liens is unique. In order to …