Our firm is dedicated to collecting large debts and judgments from debtors throughout California. Our philosophy is simple – do everything necessary to maximize our clients’ likelihood of collecting. Let’s be clear, not all debts can be collected. Some debtors truly have nothing. Our role is to evaluate whether a debt is collectible and, if so, take quick and aggressive steps to collect it. We understand that collecting is extremely important to our clients. We take our responsibility very seriously.

The first important step for every creditor is engaging the correct attorney. If you possess a judgment, the attorney who helped you obtain your judgment is not necessarily the attorney best-equipped to help you collect it. Invest the time to review our website and others. Then call us to schedule a phone or in-person consultation. Consider doing the same with other law firms. Then make an informed decision.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Collection Attorney Michael Wallin


Michael Wallin’s practice focuses on creditors’ rights, with an emphasis on debt collection, judgment enforcement, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Mike helps businesses and individuals collect debts of all sorts, both secured and unsecured. His clients range from publicly traded corporations to family-owned businesses to individuals. He handles collection matters from beginning (e.g., demand, lawsuit, writ of attachment application) to end (e.g., judgment enforcement, fraudulent transfer litigation, bankruptcy). In addition, Mike has substantial experience in all areas of bankruptcy law, including pre-bankruptcy counseling for creditors, dischargeability litigation and other adversary proceedings, fraudulent transfer and preference litigation, relief from stay proceedings, and plans of reorganization. Mike prides himself on his thoroughness, efficiency, and open communication with his clients.

Prior to forming Wallin & Russell LLP, Mike worked for many years at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP, one of the largest and most successful law firms in California.