Judgment Liens Against Real Property in California – Part 3

After a judgment creditor has obtained a judgment lien by recording an Abstract of Judgment, is the judgment debtor entitled to notice of the judgment lien?  The answer is “yes”.

The judgment creditor may give notice to the debtor by serving a copy of the Abstract of Judgment on the debtor.  Service can be made by personal delivery, substitute service, or certified mail, with proof of service then submitted to the county recorder.  See Gov.C. § 27297.5(b).  The service cost can be added to the amount of the judgment.  See Gov.C. § 27297.5(c).

If the judgment creditor does not provide proof of service of the Abstract of Judgment on the debtor, the county recorder can notify the judgment debtor of the recording of the Abstract of Judgment within 10 days after recording.  See Gov.C. § 27297.5(a).

Often times, it is less expensive and more efficient to allow the county recorder to provide notice of the Abstract of Judgment. 

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