Domesticate Judgment in California – Step-by-Step Guide

Domesticating a judgment in California is quick and inexpensive.  Our firm typically charges only $500 to domesticate a judgment in California.  For this reason, creditors are wise to do so if the debtor either lives in California or owns assets in California.

The process is simple:

First, the creditor must file an Application for Entry of Judgment on Sister-State Judgment (Form EJ-105).  The application must be filed in the debtor’s county of residence, pursuant to CCP § 1710.20(b).

Second, the creditor must submit a Notice of Entry of Sister-State Judgment (Form EJ-110).

The California court will then approve the Application and enter the Notice of Entry of Sister-State Judgment.

Third, the creditor must serve the Application and Notice (i.e., the California judgment) on the debtor in the same manner as service of a summons, pursuant to CCP § 1710.30(a).

After the judgment has been served on the debtor, the creditor must wait 30 days to enforce the California judgment, pursuant to CCP § 1710.35.

Judgments entered in other states are of limited value if the debtor’s assets are located in California.  The cost is minimal to turn a foreign judgment into a California judgment, so creditors should not hesitate to domesticate foreign judgments in California.


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