How to Add Costs to a California Judgment

In California, how can a creditor add costs to the amount owing on a judgment? The answer is as follows:

Within two years after the recoverable “costs” have been incurred, but before the judgment is fully satisfied, a judgment creditor may claim certain costs by filing a Memorandum of Costs with the court and serving the Memorandum of Costs on the judgment debtor.

The following type of costs can be added to the judgment (see CCP 685.070(a)):

1. Statutory fees for preparing, issuing, recording, and indexing an abstract of judgment or a certified copy of enforcing a judgment.
2. Statutory fees for filing a notice of judgment lien on personal property.
3. To the extent not satisfied under C.C.P. 685.050, statutory fees for issuing a writ for the enforcement of a judgment.
4. Costs incurred in connection with any proceeding under the miscellaneous creditors’ remedies provided by C.C.P. 708.010 et seq.
5. Attorneys’ fees allowed under C.C.P. 685.040.

Creditors are wise to regularly file Memorandums of Cost to add recoverable costs to the judgment.

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