Procedure Following Collection of California Judgment

After a California judgment has been satisfied (i.e., collected), what should the creditor do? The answer is that the creditor should file an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment. Pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 6373(b), the Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment must contain the following information:

(1) The title of the court where the judgment is entered and the cause and number of the action.
(2) The date of entry of the judgment and of any renewals, and where entered in the court records.
(3) The name and address of the judgment creditor and the name and last known address of the judgment debtor.
(4) A statement describing the right represented by the judgment assigned to the assignee, if any.
(5) The name and address of the assignee, if any.

The required court form should be used (Form EJ-100).

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